As you already may know, we are on an endless mission to revolutionize the way that golf is consumed. Constantly striving to improve the WOW factor before, during, and after enjoying a day on the perfectly manicured fields of golf courses all around the world. As of April 2022, we have taken another step into changing the digital amusement of booking tee times and playing golf by applying a never-before-seen gamification function to our platform.

Golf has - in a sense - been gamified since the ’90s through video games, simulators, and driving range screens that enhance the pure enjoyment of swinging away while tracking your progress. But there is always room for improvement, there are gaps to be filled with components that make golfers want to come back for more and reach their full potential, not only as a golfer but also as a traveler.

We are proud to, together with the gamification company Insert Coin, apply and present gamification to our platform which makes it exciting for users to take part in the Greenfee365 experience both on and off the field. It is a point-collecting system that engages users in different tasks and missions that come with rewards. Every completed mission will generate points, when a certain amount of points is collected the user will in return receive useable benefits such as discount codes and giveaways.

Your points are visible and trackable on the progress bar which is found at the top of the page. It is there to show you how close you are to completing the different levels. The progress bar will continuously grow and be updated for every completed booked tee time that is connected to the missions. The value of points for every mission will be included in the mission description. When the progress is full (500 points) and the level is complete, you will receive the previously mentioned useable benefits. The more levels you complete, the more useable benefits you will receive.

You will track your progress and accomplishments by receiving certificates when the various assignments are completed. Certificates will generate different amounts of points depending on the difficulty and requirement of the accomplishment. For every certificate that is collected, points will be added to your progress which signifies that you are one step closer to being rewarded with discounts or giveaways.

Tours & Tour Masters:
Our tours are carefully and thoughtfully designed for golfers to experience courses that are located nearby one another in specific areas or regions. Because of the large number of golf courses in certain locations, there are multiple different tours to be completed in the same location. One tour can include up to five different courses.

To become a Tour Master, you need to book and play all the courses in the tours of a specific area. The tours are always titled after the area that they belong to. Here’s an example to clarify:

To receive the Mallorca Tour Master certificate you need to complete all three Mallorca tours:

  • Mallorca Eastern Tour
  • Mallorca Central Tour
  • Mallorca Western Tour

Achievements generate points as well, but they don’t include assigned courses as the tours do. These challenges can be completed at courses of your choice as long as the tee times are booked through Greenfee365. Here are two examples of achievements to clarify:

Early Bird: Book two rounds of golf with the tee time being between 06:00 - 08:00 in the morning.

Master Planner: Book a tee time at least three months ahead.

Greenfee365’s new gamification is designed to step up the entire golf experience and we will frequently be updating our platform with new and exciting missions for our users to complete.