In a groundbreaking move, the governing bodies of golf, R&A, and USGA, have announced a significant shift in the golfing landscape. Starting in 2028, a new era for golf balls will begin, reshaping the game for professionals and recreational players.

The Decision:

R&A and USGA have taken the decisive step to replace golf balls, setting the timeline for implementation in 2028 for professionals and 2030 for recreational golfers. This strategic move aims to address the growing concern of professionals hitting longer shots, challenging the integrity of the game.

The Modification:

The upcoming change involves modifying the design of golf balls to reduce their flight distance. One method under consideration is altering the small "dimples" on the balls. This modification is expected to curb the extended distances professional players can achieve, bringing a new level of challenge to the game.

Environmental Considerations:

The decision to change golf balls is not solely based on the game's dynamics but is also grounded in environmental sustainability. The governing bodies emphasize that continually extending golf courses is not a viable solution from an environmental perspective. The decision reflects a commitment to a sustainable future for golf, preserving the essence of the game while fulfilling environmental responsibilities.

Transition Period:

Beginning in 2028, all golf balls used in competitions must adhere to the standards set for that year. For recreational and non-competitive golfers, there is a transitional period. You can continue using balls listed in the 2027 conformity list for recreational play until 2030. This extended period allows players to transition smoothly to the new standards without compromising their enjoyment of the game.

Impact on Players:

Long-hitting players, known for their prowess with the driver, are estimated to experience a reduction of around 15 meters in distance due to the changes in ball design. This adjustment aims to level the playing field, ensuring a fair and balanced competition.

The decision by R&A and USGA to introduce new golf balls marks a pivotal moment in the sport's history. As we look ahead to 2028 and beyond, these changes promise to uphold the integrity of golf while fostering a sustainable and enjoyable future for players at every level. Stay tuned for further updates as the golfing community adapts to this transformative shift in the game we all love.

Source: R&A/USGA/Aftonbladet