A few good things to know

  1. Our goal is to offer the worlds easiest booking site for golf and instant tee times. That's basically it, nothing more and nothing less.
  2. On our site you find golf courses that all share a common goal - to make it easy for you to book their tee times instantly. No need to email, call or wait for a confirmation. All prices you see is always in parity with price you would have had if you booked direct with the golf course.
  3. To book tee times on Greenfee365.com you are not required to have an account and you can book as many golf courses and tee times you want. So there is no need to register, download anything and all can be managed from one single checkout.

To build the perfect golf experience have never been easier!  

Behind the scenes

Greenfee365.com was created by golfers for golfers, so we dare to say that we really understand the needs out there. In a connected and busy world where time is of essence you want to be able to consume even golf on-demand in the same way you consume other services like: booking.com, Netflix, UBER etc.  

But something that is really important for us and all our amazing and bookable golf courses is a sustainable model that support and grow the beautiful game of golf. Not the contrary.

This is the reason greenfee365.com doesn't circle just around deals, bargains or only focus on cheap tee times - we focus on experiences and making it easy for you to walk up at the first tee regardless if it's near or far, today or in 3 months.    

All golf courses are welcome to become bookable on greenfee365.com, we work tirelessly on activating each golf course indivually. If you know of a golf course you would like to be able to book, just drop a line to hi@greenfee365.com and we will do everything in our power to get that golf course up and running.

Let's keep growing the game and making it accessible and hazzle-free to consume.

Next up, our users

You don't have to listen to us, we have thousands of golfers every month that enjoy our service.

If there is a more easy-to-use tee time booking system, I haven't found it. - Stewart, UK