Ok, we are all starting to realize that it's time to think more on hygiene and staying safe. Things that are easily taken for granted by most of us. Clean and washed hands are one of the keys to staying healthy!

To make your round as safe and clean as possible we have made a short list with some ideas on how to behave and play the next round.

1. Handshakes

There is a lot of alternatives to handshakes. Why not just say hello without shaking hands?

2. No more cash bets  

Even if cash is king we all know that it can be a great source of  germs and things we don't want to have in our bodies. There is good digital alternatives out there for betting.

3. Leave the flag

Why not just leave it in? You don't need to run and lift it out, we are not playing catch the flag.

4. Gloves on

Gloves is good for you, both when gripping the club but also when raking the bunkers or any other activities that involve you and touching something at the golf course.

5. Wash your hands

This is something you really should practice a lot and frequently. Both before and after the game. Specially before hitting the 19th hole.

So, it's really not that hard to both stay safe and clean, golf is good for you (both mind and body) A golf course is probably one of the best places to be. So with some well thought manner and following our easy tricks your hands and body will love it even more.