First of all, golf lingo is not about birdwatching… At the first glance on terms and words in the world of golf you might think so, but it’s not the case. We have picked out all the essential phrases and terms for you with a decent explanation.

We guarantee that if you know this, you will sound like a real pro. (or atleast a golfer that know what they are doing)

Albatross: When you hear this it means a score given for a hole that is finished three strokes under par, it can also in some cases be known as ‘double eagle’.

Birdie: This is a common phrase around golfers, and means one stroke under par.

Bogey: A hole played one stroke over par.

Chip: A short shot mostly played from very close to and around the green.

Drive: The first shot of each hole, made from the area called the tee box.

Eagle: A hole completed in two strokes under par.

Fairway: The short grass between the tee and putting green.

Fore: Something you should shout if you need to warn others that a ball might hit other players or spectators.

Green: The grass surrounding the hole, where you should attempt to putt the ball.

Hole-in-one: If you are lucky and skilled enough to hit the ball right into the hole from your tee shot it’s called Hole-in-one or HiO.

Iron: Your metal clubs in the bag. The clubs are numbered from one to nine.

Par: Standard score for a hole and is defined by its length, it can also be used as the sum of all the holes on a course.

Pitch: A short shot that is longer than a chip.

Putt: Played on the green, usually with a putter, it’s now you really need to focus on getting the ball into the hole.

Putter: A flatt edged golf club intended to make the ball run into the hole.

Rough: You should avoid this (even if you inevitable will end up here from time to time) and it is the longer grass at either side of the.

Round: Round is you playing at the golf course, a round is usually playing 18 holes, but can also be 9 or the amount of holes played.

Sand wedge: The club you need to use when you land in a bunker, it’s a heavily angled club.

Sweet spot: The location on the club-face where it’s most optimal to strike the ball.

Tee: Tee has can mean two thing, it either is the part of the course where you start the hole. Can also be when you use a peg on which you place your ball before ‘teeing off’.

Wood: When you want the ball to travel long distances you usually bring out a wood club, most often used on the first shot. The heads of these clubs used to be wooden but are now most made from metal.

Now you go practice your swing!