In these uncertain times many of us find ourselves with a lot of time at home. Frustrating for a golfer who’s just longing for the course. But there’s ways for you to do some practice at home as well. A good opportunity to practice some technique, without risking a window to crack or the floor to break of course. We’ve put together a list for you with four things you can do at home to improve your game and be ready when it’s time to hit the courses again. ⛳️

1. Putting practice

Improving your putting is one of the best ways to lower your golf score and to make progress. And the best thing is that you can easily practice this at home.

The most classic but useful home-practice is of course the one with a putter, carpet and a glass. With these three things you have a station at home to do some putting anytime. In front of the tv, between the dishes and the cooking or just when you’re getting bored. Every now and then you can roll som putts in and that counts as practice!

You can also practice your precision in the putting with three coins stacked on each other and then try to only remove the top coin with the putter. Harder than you may think and awesome practice!

2. Improve that golf swing

For this you may need a little bit more room if you’re going to keep everything around you safe from incidents. A bigger area, a back yard or a basement will work just fine.

So one way to practice your golf swing at home and to set that muscle memory is to use a whiffle or foam golf ball. That makes it possible to practice the golf swing up against a wall, a net or a paling and the ball won’t go as far and is lightweight.

3. Chipping

Another thing that really can have an impact on your golf game is to practice smaller chip and pitch shots. As long as you have a target and some kind of turf mat you have no excuse. You can even make this a game with the family. Just place targets (like a bucket, glass or box) in different heights and make it a competition.

4. Don’t lose the posture

So in these times we may easily get stuck in the couch, so make sure you don’t lose you golf posture. While practicing some golf swings you can check your posture by filming it to really see for yourself what you need to work on.

And then of course, take the time at home to work on your grip. The three basics in the golf swing are grip, stance and posture. To practice these while at home, you’ll be ready when it’s time to get out on the courses again. 🏌

Stay safe everyone!