As the modern golf cart has existed for nearly a century, we want to throw it back to the origins of the world-famous golf vehicle and how the “buggy” development has forever changed the game of golf.


Horses are used to carry golf bags. A cheap and practical option as the only cost was hay. The problem with horses is their tendency to walk off and they made it challenging to keep a good pace on the golf course.

The first golf cart was fueled by hay.


The first golf cart on wheels was invented by Lyman Beecher in Clearwater, Florida. Similar to a small horse wagon, it was double-seated with two wheels, but rather than using horse power it was pulled by the caddies.

Golf wagon pulled by caddies in the 1930s.


As the game of golf was gaining traction amongst sports enthusiasts and mobile vehicles were developed, the first modern motorized golf carts were created to assist golfers with physical disabilities.

The beginning of motorized golf carts.


The popularity increased, and the cart's convenience was applied in smaller communities as a micro-vehicle between the home and the grocery store. More golf courses started offering golf carts as an option to complete the round resulting in an increase of senior citizens playing golf.

The modern motorized golf cart industry takes off.


The golf cart industry blooms and the competition of several different brands is established. The competition was primarily based on comfort and the durability of the battery which often lasted one or two rounds of golf.

1970's golf cart.


Golf carts can now make it through approximately five rounds of golf and are available for rental at most golf courses. They are now an obvious necessity for the sport.

Golf carts are available at most golf courses. 


As the golf cart has design-wise remained pretty much unchanged for the past three decades, it was time for something new - the paragolfer. Making golf accessible for paralyzed golf enthusiasts, the single-seated golf cart will mechanically assist the golfer in standing up, enabling them to complete their swing in a standing upright position.

The paragolfer. 

Another golf vehicle that has appeared during the last decade is the golf board. Rather than a cart, they are inspired by the electrical longboard on wheels with the bag placed in front of the steering stick.

The golf board.

What’s next?

The jetpack cart? With the rapid pace of technology, especially in the golf world, there will most definitely be something new and mind-blowing in the near future, intended to increase and enhance the pure enjoyment of playing golf.

In a matter of time we'll have to scream "fore" to players in the air.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any partner golf courses that provide the jetpack buggies, although we do have several golf courses where golf carts are included in the greenfee:

Los Naranjos Golf Club

Marbella Golf & Country Club

La Quinta Golf Club

Valle Romano Golf & Resort