The health benefits with our passion for golf is many. And let’s face it, during this pandemic crisis that the year of 2020 has been marked by, golf is probably one of the best things you can do. It’s outside, with distance to other people (just don’t hug your co-players in the excitement of a birdie), and you get exercise. So, let’s talk a bit about the health benefits in this wonderful sport.

Many studies show that golf is a true hole in one for our health. A review from 2018 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that golf was associated with increased life expectancy, improving cardiovascular risk factors and helps the mental wellbeing. The outside environment and the walking is beneficial in both psychologically and physically ways.

One of the health benefits with getting outside for a round of golf is of course the sun. It is necessary for us to spend time in direct sunlight to get enough Vitamin D. Just be sure to use sunscreen as you’re getting much sun exposure from a round of golf.

As well as all the good physically health benefits, there is also a lot of psychologically benefits with golfing. Firstly golf is a social sport. Playing with others helps boost your self-esteem, social skills and improves your mental wellbeing. Besides this, golf is also a sport that require accuracy, focus and concentration which helps you boost your brain.

Four ways to increase your exercising with golf:
1.       Play at least 150 minutes per week
2.        Walk the course instead of taking the golf cart
3.       Do some warm-up/easy strengthening exercises before your round to reduce the risk of injury.
4.        Stay calm. Golf is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, so seize the moment with fresh air and the nature.

Keep on golfing!